First year nursery (k4)



Our Nursery School program consists of two levels: K4 and K5. The New Guyana School uses the Abeka Curriculum.

Phonics and Reading

Children in first-year nursery begin by mastering the vowels and consonants and their sounds by enjoyable classroom teaching. Formal blends and reading words come naturally after that.


In Nursery School, students learn cursive writing in a program that is correlated with their phonics. They learn to write the
 lowercase letters during writing time as they learn the sound/name of each vowel and consonant.


In first year nursery, students begin to understand the concepts of numbers. By the end of the year, they will be able to count from 1 to 100, recognize 1 to 20, and answer simple combinations.

Activity Time

Activity time involves several fun activities, including Bible activity pages, poetry and fingerplay, drama and nursery rhymes, art, music, Show and Tell, and Telling Time.

Bible Time

Bible time is the most crucial time of the school day. It is the first subject that is taught each day.

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