Second year nursery (k5)


The New Guyana School Nursery program uses the Abeka Curriculum. 

Phonics and Reading

Children in second-year nursery continue their reading journey through the use of phonics learned the previous year. Their reading vocabulary naturally goes up with every sound learned.


Students learn cursive writing in a program that is correlated with their phonics. They learn to write the lowercase letters during Writing Time as they learn the sound/name of each vowel and consonant. By the end of the year, they have mastered writing blends, words, and sentences.


Students begin to understand the concepts of numbers. By the end of the second year, they will be able to count and recognize numbers 1 to 100. Additional concepts are taught through the sum of 10, and beginning subtraction concepts are introduced. Students also learn to work with telling time and money.

Skills Development, Activity Time, Language Enrichment

During skills development, students learn visual perception skills, motor coordination, and listening/thinking skills. Activity time consists of music and art. During language enrichment, they learn positional words and opposites, rhyming words and analogies, drama, and poetry. They will also have the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences during “Sharing Time.”


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