It all begins here. A child entering Preschool or Nursery is taking their first strides along an educational path that leads through high school and beyond. At The New Guyana School, we take those steps seriously. We introduce our youngest scholars to the joy of learning through play, hands-on experience, and the building blocks of more formalized learning. The New Guyana School uses the Abeka Curriculum. Our young learners begin our Preschool program at 2 years old. Our program is two years long and focuses on two major themes:

School Readiness

  • Verbally counting to 30, counting items they select and using each number up to 15 with accuracy;
  • Grouping items and demonstrating an understanding of number operations, which are components of critical-thinking skills;
  • Associating numbers with their corresponding quantities in groups containing up to five items.
  • Further developing communication skills by building their vocabularies and expanding their language skills by using words to refer to and describe familiar people, animals, and objects;
  • Using materials in new and creative ways to symbolize something else; 
  • Engaging in imaginative play and using props to learn about the dramatic arts, which help develop creative skills. This can include exploring roles that are interesting or familiar. 

Life Readiness

  • Understanding turn-taking, developing the capacity to wait and communicating to others when it is their turn, which is  necessary for self-regulation, a component of social-emotional intelligence;
  • Proposing a solution to their peers and working cooperatively to help solve a problem, which demonstrates executive function, collaboration, and critical-thinking skills;
  • Playing cooperatively with a small group of children and forming unique, authentic friendships with classmates for a short time.

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