Our purpose

The New Guyana School is a Christian School, and our identity is deeply rooted in our faith. We exist to make the beauty of Jesus known to the world. Everything we do, from our curriculum to our work culture, serves this singular purpose. 

Our story

In the beginning...

Our story begins in 1994 when our founders Emiliano and Margarita De Armas left their native Colombia and migrated to Georgetown, Guyana with their two young children. Having arrived in the middle of the school year, they found it difficult to find a school to enroll them. After much prayer and planning, the decision was made to launch their own school. Thus, The New Guyana School was born.


Decades later...

What started in 1994 with a small classroom around our founder's dining room table has now grown to comprise an enrollment of 1,100 students at our state-of-the-art campus. Today, The New Guyana School continues to partner with our parents to help provide an excellent education from a Christian perspective.