Traffic Regulations


We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the majority of parents who consistently exhibit respect, courtesy, and consideration for others during our dismissal process. Your dedication to the well-being of our school community is truly commendable.

In the interest of further promoting a safe and efficient dismissal process, we have provided a set of regulations for the flow of traffic. These regulations are designed to assist you in understanding how to contribute to a smooth and orderly pickup routine.

By adhering to these regulations, you not only enhance the safety of our school but also ensure a positive experience for everyone involved. Your unwavering support and cooperation in following these regulations are sincerely appreciated, as they play a vital role in maintaining the flow and harmony of our dismissal process.


We have provided regulations for Drivers as well as Walkers.


Drivers Map 4

1. Single Lane Entry

Cars must approach the pickup zone using a single lane. Please do not clog the lane by idling until your pickup time. Keep the line moving. If you arrive early and there's no parking available, please move with the line and circle back around via the roundabout. This ensures a smooth flow for other drivers who need to pick up at the current moment. 

2. No Stopping Zones

Keep the No Stopping Zones clear at all times. No stopping, overtaking, parking, or waiting in these areas.

3. Early Arrivals

If you arrive far ahead of schedule, please do not wait in a second lane. Pull into designated parking zones. If parking is unavailable and your child is not yet out, please circle in the roundabout until their pickup time.

Do note that the designated parking is often needed by parents picking up Nursery children from daycare.  Be considerate and save parking space for these parents.

4. Left Lane Pickup

Cars should pull to the left lane when picking up students. This leaves room for overtaking on the right lane during pickups and drop-offs.   

5. Exiting Cars May Overtake

Exiting cars may overtake on the right lane and then merge back into the single-lane exiting traffic.

6. Single Lane Exit

Maintain a single lane of traffic when exiting onto the main road.

7. Missed Children

If you miss picking up your child, please re-join the traffic circle and continue circulating until you are able to collect them.



1. Enter at the small gate.

Walkers must use the small gate for entry.

2. Do not use the large gate.

During dismissal,  walkers must not use the large gate. This is reserved for car traffic. It is crucial to follow this to protect the safety of you and your children.

3. Exit at the small gate.

After picking up the student, walkers should exit through the small gate as well.

Check-in for everyone is at the "small gate"

Please note that the check-in process for both cars and walkers is located at the small gate. This gate serves as the entry and exit point for walkers and ensures a safe and organized process for all.

Reiteration of Key Traffic Regulations

Single Lane

We must stress the importance of maintaining only one lane during pickup and dropoff.

Continuous Movement

Keep the line moving. If you arrive early and there's no parking available, please follow the flow of traffic and circle around the roundabout.

Designated Parking Only

Do not park or stop in the road. If you need to stop, please use the designated parking areas.

Do be considerate of those picking up Nursery children. They often use these areas to park so they can go inside and pick up their children.

No overtaking

Please strictly avoid overtaking or creating alternate lanes during pickup.

Please give us feedback

Please understand that our regulations are dynamic and subject to change as we work to find the best solution for all stakeholders. If you have feedback to help us improve, we kindly request that you submit a formal request for any process adjustments.

Please continue to follow the rules until we get back to you about your suggestions. This ensures a structured and organized approach to rule modifications.

We exhort the community to cooperate

Let us remember that we are a community, so each of us must contribute to create the organized society that we dream of.

Inform your bus or taxi drivers

If a taxi or bus is assisting with pickup, kindly advise them about our regulations. Their cooperation is essential in ensuring a smooth and safe process.

Encourage each other

Remind one other of the regulations so that we can all fit into the process together.

Report infractions

If you witness any traffic infractions, please report them immediately to us so that we can investigate. Remember, "See something, say something."

Let's work together

We recognize that Jesus is a God of order, and we reflect His beauty and glory when we move with structure and order. Let us also remember that we serve as examples to our children. By adhering to these regulations, we demonstrate orderliness and set a positive example  for them.  We are building the Guyana of tomorrow, and a prosperous nation thrives on discipline and structure. Let's work together to maintain the order, safety, and efficiency of our beloved community.