(Last updated: October 23, 2023)

Kindly be advised that we should have additional uniforms in the upcoming week. There will be daily updates regarding uniform availability. Newly available sizes will be written in blue. Prior to visiting, we request that you verify the availability of sizes by checking our website.


Sizes Available

School shirts
(nursery & primary)
School Shirts
School pants 18,20,22,28,30,32
PE Pants (Boys) 18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32
PE Pants (Girls) 18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32
PE Shirts
PE Shirts Cont'd  Small, Medium and Large 
Skirts (Nursery) Small , Medium
Skirts (Primary & Secondary)
20, 28 32

Can't find your size?

If you could not find your size, students may wear the following, in order of suitability:

  1. PE uniform
  2. Plain white t-shirt and jeans
  3. Plain black t-shirt and jeans
  4. Plain colored t-shirt and jeans

This will be accepted only until your size becomes available.


Uniforms are available at the Accounts Department (Monday to Friday 08:30 hrs. to 15:00 hrs.)


The prices are as follows:  

  • Shirt - $2,000  
  • Boy Pants - $2,000  
  • Girl Skirt - $3,000  
  • PE T shirt - $2,000  
  • PE Pants - $2,000  


Uniforms may only be exchanged if the tag has not been removed and the clothes have not been washed. 


Black dummy with measuring tape in tailors studio